I initially built the Robot with some more Hardware stuff.
Later I decided to drop this stuff to simplfy the robots life.
  • Cog wheels from Conrad, cog wheels set for 4mm axle with 10, 20 or 30 teeth part no 237663. And cog wheel for engine mounting part no 240311.
I mounted wheels on stepper directly, this reduces mecanical complexity
  • Solar charger from conrad type 18122 part no 200013 - protects battery from deep discharge. Means if battery is low entire robot will not work.
  • Plumb accu Panasonic LC-R122R2PG, 2.2Ah - heavy but usable with solar charging module.
  • Solar panel from conrad 12V 5W, part no 110390 - 62
  • Voltage regulator to protect netduino from overvoltage, used L4940V85 with Ci 0.1uF and Co 22uF. Thanks to its very low input/output voltage drop, these devices are particularly suitable for batteries powered equipment.
Power pack accu is more powerful by less weigth, lower voltage reduces necesity for additional electronics

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