Project Description
This project supports a simple netduino based robot with 2 powered wheels using steppers and a support wheel.
DC Motors and Tank steering might follow.

This project was intentionally to have fun and learn more about .Net
When I started the project I had already built several types of robots.
I started initially with nibobee based on ATmega16 using C programming, that time there was no Java or C# available.
Next I built a complete robot from scratch, using trix metall kit. As controller I used pc architecture with usb - parallel IO adapter and Java as controller language.
Now I used to build a robot based on netduino.
I ported the existing java controller to C# and got it running very easily. Then I built a simple robot and disasembled the previous one.
Now I'm still improving the C# based robot.
Maybe I will extend this simple runner to clean the baseboards (which my iRobot does not) or watering the flowers.

See further Details in Documentation

What are you interested in?
What is the most interesting feature you might want to see in future?
I appreciate your feedback!

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